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A home built with love


Things are moving along at our homesite!

The whole framing process of our Fischer Homes build has been so awesome to watch! To see the house take shape is honestly so fascinating. The kitchen is becoming a real kitchen—we can now see where the island will stand, where the sink will go… The master bathroom is actually starting to look like a bathroom. It’s becoming our home right in front of us!

Before the insulation went in, I wanted to do something special. An influencer I follow online is also building a home, and she had each family member sign their names to the framing and the year they built. I thought that was such a neat idea, so within our stairs, I wrote the reading from our wedding and signed our names and the date. Now and even in the future, when the home is filled with kids, that message will be tucked away in the walls, and Jon and I can remember we built this house with love.

I continue to go up every weekend and haven’t missed a step in the whole building process. There’s a new surprise every time I go! I’ve started to get a feel for the size of each room, so you bet I’ve done some furniture shopping (see some pins here)! 🛋️

We’re so excited to see everything taking shape, and we can’t wait to take you through once the final touches are done!