Jakobs Journal

April 21, 2010…having a good time


A few fun things going on in my house this week…

Whenever the air conditioner kicks on, the lights in the playroom dim for a quick second. Of course, Jakob noticed it. They only dim when the a/c kicks on, nothing happens if it’s just the fan. So now, whenever the fan kicks on he goes and shuts the light off and on. I’m gonna have to explain that one to everyone who goes in the playroom…he’s just making sure the light is doing what it’s supposed to do. It took me a minute to figure out what he was up to and when I did, it took everything in me not to laugh. The kid rocks me.

And he’s developed a new routine with his reflection. It seems to be getting longer all the time. Whenever he sees himself in the mirror or in a window or on a doorknob, he says, “Kaboom! Jakob is big. Close eyes, open eyes, wink. Blink blink and a big smile. Sneeze. A-a-choo. Gezundheit. Blaaaah. Jakob is very smart”. It’s hysterical. And all the actions that go along with the words are classic. If I could shoot a video of him doing it without him stealing my camera, I would.

Something else I have to hide…my car keys. Apparently my car alarm is very entertaining. I love it when I’m upstairs and he’s hiding on the first floor hitting the panic button. He just thinks that’s a riot.

And his favorite new song is “I Can See Clearly Now”. He really rocks the “bright, bright, bright, bright, bright, bright sunshiney day” part. Impressive.

So we have some future career possibilities…electrician, A/C installer (or company owner), lighting technician, sound effects tech, doctor, German teacher/translator/diplomat, security systems developer or rock star. Since “Jakob is very smart”, I guess it’ll be his pick…