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Why we’re not finding out baby’s gender


SURPRISE! <— That’s exactly what we wanted with our gender! However you find out is a surprise, but we decided to wait until baby was born to know the gender. And it’s honestly been a lot of fun!

I have always wanted to wait to find out the gender, and my husband didn’t care either way, so he was happy to wait. I have been making a list of all family members’ and friends’ guesses, and I would say we are split with boy and girl guesses. Our family has supported us and is equally as excited to know since our due date is quickly approaching!

Blue or pink?


My husband, Jon, and I have our votes in for baby, too: he thinks girl, and I think boy! So, we are literally split, but it will be fun to know whose instincts were on point!

One of the reasons we chose not to find out is because there aren’t many surprises in life, and this is a big one and a special one. The doctors at The Christ Hospital are even going to let Jon announce the gender to me once baby is here! I had talked about that on my Instagram, and I had a follower reach out to me telling me a story of how her husband got to do that with all of their babies. She told me her husband recently passed, but she will forever have the memory of the excitement he had in his voice every time he shouted out the babies’ genders to her. And to me, that memory is something so special to have.

I will say when we first told people we weren’t finding out, a lot of people would make comments like, “Oh wow, we had to prepare!” Well, trust me, we are prepared! In fact, we’ve had our nursery done for months now, and we have all the main things we need to care for baby (plus more, of course): diapers, wipes, car seat, clothes, crib, etc. If you ask my (almost) 96-year-old grandma, you truly don’t need much, lol.

I also heard, “I had to find out so I could bond with the baby.” Trust me when I say baby and I—and even baby and daddy—are bonded. Every kick, movement, hiccup, every conversation I’ve had with baby, even the conversations my sister has had with baby… We are definitely bonded. ❤️

I sometimes sit in the nursery and just rock in the glider, wondering what baby will look like. Will baby have daddy’s height? My feet? (Hopefully lol) I had ideas in mind for our nursery that I found on Pinterest. I kind of have a modern farmhouse vibe going on in my house, so I knew that was the direction I wanted to go in for the nursery. So, we have a black crib, grey shiplap wall and neutral colors. We wanted to keep it gender friendly because our intentions are to keep that as the nursery for future babies and just move the older children to new rooms!



Yes, we do have names picked out for both genders! Both first and middle, but, no, we are not sharing until baby comes. Two main reasons: 1. We want to surprise our families and 2. We don’t want opinions on our names (because everyone always has one, and usually it’s negative haha) We will all know soon enough since we are just weeks away! EEK!

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