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Before & After from our Clifton Project


We have some detail work left on our renovation – hanging artwork, some trim to install and décor items, but it’s basically finished, and I wanted to show you where we are right now.

Main improvements to kitchen include:

  • Moving stove from island to the side wall.
  • Adding a hood exhaust fan to the outside.
  • Running gas line in basement to kitchen.
  • Repairing holes behind old cabinets that were allowing mice to enter kitchen.
  • Corrected plumbing so it drained properly.
  • Corrected dangling electric wires in walls.
  • New lights
  • Moving refrigerator over so doors can open correctly.

Main improvements to bathroom include:

  • Corrected dangerous electric wires in walls
  • Used proper underlayment and sealant
  • Closed up hallway door to bathroom.
  • Moved toilet form center of room to side
  • Added bathtub
  • Added bathroom fans
  • New lighting

We also, refinished the wood floors throughout the house and installed new lights.

Thanks to our Resist the Boring team- that problem solved and hustled. I’m worn out.

🛀 Fixtures and hardware from Signature Hardware. They truly make our projects one of a kind!

🌬 New energy efficient Daikin Fit AC from JM Mechanical. It’s also super quiet- inside and out in the yard. Ask for the Tim special if you’re in the market.