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Beginning the Build


Looking back, the decision to build a home was a little intimidating.

We started to overthink everything: Is it smart for us to build? Can we do it? Can we afford it? Do we have time? Can we have two opinions come together when designing a home?

And I’m not sure why we did. Once we got to sit down with a New Home Specialist, a huge weight was lifted off our shoulders.

They were there to answer EVERY question we had. And I mean anything, whether we asked them in person or thought of random question late at night and asked via email. The new home specialist guided us through everything from start to finish. I mean, it’s a big purchase to make, so we wanted to feel at ease! And I can truly say we did!

If you’re starting to think about a new home, you may have a lot of questions, too. So, take a listen to Episode 1 of the Welcome Home with Jon & Toria podcast we did in partnership with Fischer Homes. Our guest, Fischer Homes’ New Home Specialist Alisha Woodeshick, will walk you through the answers!

The title of the episode says it all. Just Breathe, It’s Gonna be OK! Before long, you could be popping some bubbly in your new home. 😉