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Behind the Games: Chloe Kim


They call her the “Queen of Snow.”

At only 17-years-old, American snowboarder Chloe Kim is already making a name for herself.

PyeongChang will be her first Olympics, but it’s not the first time’s qualified for the Winter Games. She qualified for Sochi back in 2014, but she was too young to compete.

Chloe is the only woman to ever land back-to-back 1080’s.

She’s also the first athlete to win four gold medals at the X Games before turning 18.

Chloe’s passion and talent comes from her dad.

He loved to snowboard, but didn’t have anyone to go with, so he took her along. Chloe hated it at first because it was so cold. It didn’t take long to change her mind.

Chloe’s parents migrated from South Korea to the United States. They still have a lot of family living there. The 2018 Olympic Games will be the first time many will ever see her compete live.

Aside from her talent on the mountain, Chloe is known for one other thing – her hair!

From rainbow to fuchsia, it’s rarely dyed a normal color, except for now, it’s blonde. She dyed it to match the Olympic Gold Medal she plans on bringing home in South Korea.

Just a few days in, and she’s already off to a hot start!

Chloe was the top qualifier in the women’s halfpipe. People aren’t talking about her performance, however, but her cravings! During rounds, she tweeted, “Could be down for some ice cream rn.”

After competition she sent out another tweet, asking for someone to find her cookies & cream in the village.

-Ashley Sturm

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