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Behind the Games: Nathan Chen


When it comes to Team USA in this year’s Winter Games, you need to watch out for Nathan Chen.

The 18-year-old Utah native wanted to ice skate after watching his brothers play hockey. Nathan was three.

His family didn’t have a lot of money for lessons, so his mom helped teach him.

At 10 years old, Nathan became the youngest Novice Champion at the US Figure Skating Championships.

He’s also the first person to land five quadruple jumps during a competition.

No word if Nathan is the first person to use duct tape to hold his skates together during a competition. Either way, it didn’t work out for him in the 2016 World Championships when he fell twice.

Let’s hope he doesn’t bring the unlucky tape to PyeongChang!

He will, however, bring his collection of Vera Wang costumes specially made for the Winter Games.

Kellogg’s is also teaming up with the young figure skater. He’s one of four athletes featured on Kellogg’s cereal boxes this winter!

Could all the pressure and attention be too much for Nathan? During his Olympic debut, the men’s short program, he made two major mistakes. He came in fourth in the event.

“No one wants to skate like that on Olympic ice,” he said. “But it happens. Just take it and move on.”

Nathan still has time to redeem himself, with at least two more performances in individual events.

Check him out in action:

-Ashley Sturm

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