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Behind the Games: Nick Goepper


During this year’s Winter Games, over 200 athletes are competing for Team USA. One of them is from our own back yard!

Nick Goepper grew up in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. He started skiing when he was 5 years old at Perfect North Slopes.

His parents didn’t have extra money for lessons and they didn’t know much about skiing, but they helped any way they could. His mom would even catch him at the end of small hills before he learned to stop and turn. As for the money, Nick sold candy bars for some extra cash.

Everything changed when he was 15 years old. Nick was offered a full scholarship to an academy in Oregon.

Three years later, he won his first gold medal at the X Games.

At 19, he was in Sochi representing Team USA in the Winter Games. It was the first time his event, freeski slopestyle, was ever featured at the Games. Nick took home bronze.

Since returning home, however, things haven’t been easy.

Nick was charged with vandalism for throwing rocks at cars in Lawrenceburg. The charges were later dropped after he apologized and paid for the damage.

Nicks says he battled depression and at one point even thought about suicide. In 2015, he spent some time in rehab.

Now 23, Nick says he’s changed outlook.

Skiing is still a huge part of his life, but it’s not everything. His personal life is much more important.

But much like four years ago, his eyes are on gold and Cincinnati’s eyes are on Nick Goepper.

-Ashley Sturm

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