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Behind the Games: Wrap-Up


From dangerous winds to wardrobe malfunctions, there wasn’t a dull moment in this year’s Winter Games.

Russia couldn’t compete after its doping scandal, but some of its athletes did. And it all took us a few days to figure out what OAR (Olympic Athletes from Russia) stood for.

North and South Korea came together during a rare moment of unity, walking together in Opening Ceremonies.

Some of the tricks on the slops were absolutely sick! So were some of the people. Between Games employees and athletes, over 200 people came down with Norovirus.

Old favorites like Shaun White relived gold. As well as some newcomers, like Chloe Kim. Then there was snowboarder Red Gerard, who no one saw coming!

Although she won bronze, Lindsey Vonn didn’t perform as well has she’d hope to in what’s expected to be her last Winter Games.

Cincinnati and Indiana cheered on Nick Goepper as he took home silver in the freeski slopestyle competition.

All eyes were on figure skating super star Nathan Chen. The 18-year-old finally redeemed himself in his final performance, after two disappointing rounds.

Figure skater Adam Rippon didn’t win medals, but he certainly did hearts! He was hired on as an Olympic commentator, before ultimately turning it down after he realized he’d have to move out of the village and couldn’t walk during Closing Ceremonies.

One of the biggest wins came Wednesday night, when the United States Women’s Hockey Team beat out Canada for gold! It’s their first gold in 20 years.

While the United States didn’t win the most medals, with 242 people, we did bring the most athletes to any Winter Games EVER!

Most importantly, we at home had a lot of fun watching it all happen!

-Ashley Sturm

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