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Bengals At Lions Preview – Lindsay Patterson


First up, Bengals rookie Ja’Marr Chase with another award this week – NFL Offensive Rookie of the Week (again)  

Just a small thread on the start to Ja’Marr’s rookie year

I think the Bengals got this right by a landslide. Now onto the Lions – The Bengals are looking for a bounce back win after a heartbreaker against the Packers on Sunday. They will hit the road  for 3 weeks in a row first up the best winless team in NFL history – I mean that – this Lions team is better than the record shows and it won’t be easy for the Bengals. This club really needs a breakout game on the offensive side. Good news Joe Mixon seems to be back and will get his normal full load on Sunday.

While that’s great news for the ground game the Bengals need to take more shots downfield – I will say this about Zac Taylor – I truly think the locker room believes in him and I really really hope he succeeds as the HC in Cincinnati. This offense just needs a game where it goes off and I think after watching the Packers film they will see where missed opportunities happened and involve more of the WR group vs. Detroit or at least I’m hopeful. Defense has been a top 10 unit all season and on Sunday will get another shot to continue the show, but the offense owes them one and for some reason I think this is the game for Joe Burrow and his playmakers. I’m going 28-21 – as I mentioned before this Lions team is better than the record shows and it doesn’t matter how close it is the Bengals need this bounce back on the road to stay in the AFCN race. I’ll be back on Monday for a recap and look ahead.