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Bengals Go To 5-3 And Now It’s On To The Browns – Lindsay Patterson


Bengals went 2-1 after 3 straight road games they are currently 5-3 on the season.

They demolished the Lions and Ravens and struggled with the Jets.

So let’s get to the game at MetLife – some would call it a trap – I’m not huge on the word trap game, but the Bengals didn’t come ready – the biggest surprise was the way the defense played again Mike White – they can’t allow a quarterback making his first NFL start to beat them the way he did – no pressure and he was dink and dunking all day with short passes.

They held an 11 point lead with 7 minutes to go and yes Joe Burrow had an INT, but that felt more like a lucky play for the Jets and credit to them.

One thing that gets overlooked in losses is the way Burrow played – I thought Joe had a great game and should’ve had 5 touchdowns on Sunday. Some amazing throws downfield this game was more about the defense – they’ll bounce back though.

Onto the Browns –

Bengals are currently 2-0 in the AFC North and I feel like they are the best team in the tight AFC North race – I wouldn’t be surprised to see two to three teams come out of the AFC North. Some might call it a hot take

Joe Burrow is the best quarterback in the AFC North and I truly believe that this will be the case for years to come.

The Browns are currently dealing with injuries, but I think this game on Sunday will be another close game at Paul Brown Stadium.

I think it will be telling the way the Bengals bounce back or not. It would look a whole lot better to be 6-3 heading into the bye vs. 5-4, but Sunday will be another chance for the Bengals to show up for the home crowd and could go undefeated in the division after 9 NFL games in 2021 and that is huge after the last two years.