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Best Friends Club: Jeremy from Milford

BFC - JeremyCollier

Congratulations Jeremy!  Inducted on Oct 20th.

Name: Jeremy Collier

From: Milford

On-Demand Song Request: 

Jeremey works at Core Specialty Insurance downtown and has recently lost 80 pounds.  He spent over 7 years in foster care and was kicked out shortly after my 18th birthday. He was still in high school and had to stay motivated to finish while working full time and being homeless.  He decided to write a memoir to share everything that he went through before, during and after foster care.  and how I got through each phase of my life.  He wanted to share his story to help break the stigmas around foster care, but also to show others what you can go through and still become a success story.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT HIS BOOK.

Jeremy  said “I love how each member of the morning show has such different sides to them but everyone works so well together. Each person fits just right and adds different aspects to the show. I also really love the fact that listening for so long, I have been able to see how everyone has shared big moments with the listeners. E.g., Tim and Jeff’s relationships blossoming and Frisch have her daughter and sharing how life has changed with her. It makes the listeners feel close to you and makes us keep coming back.”

Congratulations Jeremy!  Welcome to the club, and thanks for listening to Q102! 

Each weekday, Jeff & Jenn will select a new Jeff & Jenn Best Friends Club member of the day, and that winner will receive the following:

  • The new limited-edition Jeff & Jenn jersey — exclusive to Jeff & Jenn Best Friends Club members!
  • On-air mentions by the Jeff & Jenn Morning Show at both the open (6am) and close (10am) on the day you’re selected.
  • An on-demand song request of your choice at the close of that day’s show around 10am.
  • Personal phone call or email from Jeff & Jenn notifying you of your selection.
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