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Best Friends Club: Lisa from Bridgetown

BFC - Lisa

Congratulations Lisa!  Inducted on Oct 13th.

Name: Lisa Montag

From: Bridgetown

On-Demand Song Request: 

Lisa lives on the Westside and works on the Eastside at Sleep Management Institute.  She loves historical fiction and loves listening to audio books.  Her hubby built her a closet room for all her clothes!!  She says “I love listening to all your personal stories. I feel like I personally know Kristen and Chris, Penelope, Scott and Jakob. You are so relateable, it starts my day off right. I also love second date update.

Congratulations Lisa!  Welcome to the club, and thanks for listening to Q102! 

Each weekday, Jeff & Jenn will select a new Jeff & Jenn Best Friends Club member of the day, and that winner will receive the following:

  • The new limited-edition Jeff & Jenn jersey — exclusive to Jeff & Jenn Best Friends Club members!
  • On-air mentions by the Jeff & Jenn Morning Show at both the open (6am) and close (10am) on the day you’re selected.
  • An on-demand song request of your choice at the close of that day’s show around 10am.
  • Personal phone call or email from Jeff & Jenn notifying you of your selection.
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