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Best Friends Club: Lynette from Madeira

BFC -Lynette

Congratulations Lynette!  Inducted on Oct 16!

Name: Lynette Donovan

From: Madeira

On-Demand Song Request: Anything from Dua Lipa

Lynette loves a good chicken tikka masala, she’s been married 25 years and have lived in 10 different houses. They move a lot!  I had dinner at Neil Young’s house in Hawaii. It was a small group of about 50.  She said “Jeff, Jenn, Fritsch, and Tim, Thank you for your dedication, your honesty, your humor, being vulnerable, sharing about your friends and family, and of course all your recipes and food recommendations!”

Congratulations Lynette !  Welcome to the club, and thanks for listening to Q102! 

Each weekday, Jeff & Jenn will select a new Jeff & Jenn Best Friends Club member of the day, and that winner will receive the following:

  • The new limited-edition Jeff & Jenn jersey — exclusive to Jeff & Jenn Best Friends Club members!
  • On-air mentions by the Jeff & Jenn Morning Show at both the open (6am) and close (10am) on the day you’re selected.
  • An on-demand song request of your choice at the close of that day’s show around 10am.
  • Personal phone call or email from Jeff & Jenn notifying you of your selection.
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