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Best Friends Club: Nicoletta from the Westside

BFC - NicolettaFrank

Congratulations Nicoletta!  Inducted on Nov 14th.

Name: Nicoletta Frankenstein

From: Westside!

On-Demand Song Request:  Calm Down (Rena)

Nicholetta works at Cincinnati Childrens and is in the Navy.  She is a doctor and also taught herself to play the Celtic harp and had the opportunity to play at Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany.  She also collects spoons.

She said” I love how personal and relatable the show is.  I loved being invited and attending the Baru night (despite having to leave early to pick up the kids). It gave me a chance to finally have ‘adult’ conversation and meet new people outside of the medical field. I had a great time talking to others Tim, and appreciated the shout out and promotion for the Panegyri Greek festival. Made me realize how many of my friends listen to Q102 with all the messages I received saying “they called you out on the radio!”

Congratulations Nicoletta!  Welcome to the club, and thanks for listening to Q102! 

Each weekday, Jeff & Jenn will select a new Jeff & Jenn Best Friends Club member of the day, and that winner will receive the following:

  • The new limited-edition Jeff & Jenn jersey — exclusive to Jeff & Jenn Best Friends Club members!
  • On-air mentions by the Jeff & Jenn Morning Show at both the open (6am) and close (10am) on the day you’re selected.
  • An on-demand song request of your choice at the close of that day’s show around 10am.
  • Personal phone call or email from Jeff & Jenn notifying you of your selection.
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