Snack Time with Tim

SNACK TIME WITH TIM: St. Mikes – How did your parents fall in love?

I had the pleasure of hanging with Mrs. Longaberger’s 4th grade class at St. Mikes in Sharonville during Catholic School’s Week!  I was suprised how many kids knew how their parents fell in love!  It was a blast sharing snack with these guys! Mrs. Longaberger and Principal Murphy. Mrs. Moore popped in to say hello!

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Our favorite River Horse is turning one this week! She had her official birthday party on Saturday and Zookeeper’s Jenna and Wendy invited me to have snack with them!  How cool?!! I brought cuties for them and some “timothy hay’ for Fiona and we chatted about her first year here on earth.  Listen below: This is just some of the …

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SNACK TIME WITH TIM: Planning Fiona’s Bday Party with St. Aloysuis in Bridgetown’s PreSchool!

Mrs. Beth invited me to her pre-school classroom at St. Aloysuis Gonzaga in Bridgetown and it was a blast!  I asked the kids about Hippopotamus’ and planning Fiona’s first birthday party.  They are awesome!! St. Aloysuis Gonzaga is having an Open House on Sunday January 28th from 10AM-1PM. Ms. Gabi and Ms. Sarah with the super smart pre-schoolers!    Ms. …

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