Snack Time with Tim

SNACK TIME WITH TIM: Mrs. Matthews 2nd Grade

Mrs. Matthews’ 2nd grade class at Stephens Elementary School in Burlington invited me for some snack and we talked about making up when you and a friend have a disagreement.  After this election, they have some great advice.

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SNACK TIME WITH TIM: St. Nicholas Academy

What a fun time hanging with Mrs. Cromer’s third grade class!  I got their take on Election Day and they had lots of questions about working on the radio. The pic’s a little fuzzy, but no worries!  Thanks for the great questions!

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SNACK TIME WITH TIM: Deer Park Football Moms!

Once a year, the moms of the Deer Park Lil’ Cats 6th Grade Football Team –  take over the practice!  The regular coaches sit the bench and the moms get out on the field and run the drills, etc.  Thanks to Missie for inviting me!  WE talked about football and the Bengals game this weekend in London!

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