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Person of Interest with Natalie Jones: Patty Brisben

Last Spring I got to interview Patty Brisben and alas, a strong friendship was built. This week lets take a look back …..At the Pure Romance queen 🙂 How do you accurately describe Patty Brisben? Words can’t really describe. She is an inspiration to us all who didn’t just change the game, she created the game for empowering women on sexual …

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Season 5 – Ep 6 – We’re over budget and Chris is in the chip drawer.

We’re over budget, so we are taking things into our own hands.  We built our own address sign, instead of buying one.  We rebuilt our stone porch.  We did however, pay to have the drywall done.  Drywall sucks. This episode of #RenovationTimeWithTim is sponsored by Bargains and Buyouts in Western Hills.  They have so many new items on the floor …

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Hot List Podcast 02/17/20

-What does Robert Pattinson smell like? -Is Adele releasing new music? -There’s a new place to dance in OTR! -Low-Cal IPA -What happens to the old Valentine’s flowers? -Sports! -What kids more people? Selfies or Sharks?

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