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-Lion King Reviews! -The new Braxton rooftop deck is open!! -What’s on an Uber menu? -The Redlegs have HUUUUGE PIPES! -What is the safest seat on an airplane?

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On The Sidelines with Mollie & Lindsay: Rose Lavelle

  “The Queen of the Queen City”, A.K.A. Rose Lavelle, joins us on on the sidelines this week. Life has been a whirlwind for her since winning the Women’s World Cup a few weeks ago. On this episode, we chat with Rose about the team’s favorite celebratory song they can’t stop listening to, the show she is currently binge-watching on …

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16 Facts About Rose Lavelle

16 Facts About Rose Lavelle    When she arrived back in Cincinnati, she went straight to Skyline Chili. She ordered her usual: Three cheese coneys with mustard and onion. Nope, she is not a fan of hot sauce on her oyster crackers. 😉 Her Bronze Ball trophy arrived in the mail this week and is staying at her mom and …

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