Best Friend Game: Emily & Brandi

Emily and Brandi are ready to play the Best Friend Game!  Watch to see how much cash they win!  Email us if you’d like to come in the studio and…

Best Friend Game: Anna and Beth

Let us introduce you to Anna and Beth! They are ready to play the #BestFriendGame!  If you’d like to  come play and win cash! Send us an email

Best Friend Game: Alysha and Caitlin

Meet Alysha and Caitlin! Our #BestFriendGame contestants for the day!  If you’d like to win some cash – send us email and let us know!

Best Friend Game: Mike & Greg

They are twins! Meet Mike and Greg!  Let’s see how much cash they can win!  If you’d like to join us for the #BestFriendGame, just email

Best Friend Game: Jen & Kristen

We have such a fun time getting to meet our listeners! The #BestFriendGame is one of our favorite ways to do that! Send us an email to join us!  We’d…

Best Friend Game: Ashley & Leslie

We love getting to meet our listeners face to face – just one of the many reasons we love the #BestFriendGame! Watch and see how well Ashley and Leslie know…

Best Friend Game: Megan & Kaitlin

Megan and Kaitlin are in for the #BestFriendGame! Let’s see how much the know about each other! If you’d like to play and win money send us an email…

SNACK TIME WITH TIM: Mrs. Matthews 2nd Grade

Mrs. Matthews’ 2nd grade class at Stephens Elementary School in Burlington invited me for some snack and we talked about making up when you and a friend have a disagreement….