Best Friend Game: Adam and Nicholas

You can play the #BestFriendGame too!  Send us an email Adam and Nicholas were lots of fun! Watch to see how much cash they win!

SNACK TIME WITH TIM: Springtime is Here!

The kids at Norwood View Elementary are ready for Spring!  Thanks for having me! I’m always looking for new places to have snack!  Send me an email anytime:

Best Friend Game: Alyssa and Maxwell

To join us and play the #BestFriendGame, just send and email and let us know you’re interested! How much cash did Alyssa and Maxwell win? Watch and find out!

Best Friend Game: Bette and Jodi

It’s always a good time with the #BestFriendGame!  Watch Bette and Jodi and see how much cash they win! Want to play? Got to love the Fritsch Photobomb!

Best Friend Game: Leah and Erica

Let’s meet Leah and Erica!   They are here to play the #BestFriendGame! We would love to have you in to play and win cash!  Just send us an email…

Best Friend Game: Angie and Savannah

It’s always fun with the #BestFriendGame! Meet Angie and Savannah! If you’d like to come in and play with your BFF – just let us know!