Best Friend Game: Anna and Beth

Let us introduce you to Anna and Beth! They are ready to play the #BestFriendGame!  If you’d like to  come play and win cash! Send us an email

Best Friend Game: Alysha and Caitlin

Meet Alysha and Caitlin! Our #BestFriendGame contestants for the day!  If you’d like to win some cash – send us email and let us know!

Best Friend Game: Mike & Greg

They are twins! Meet Mike and Greg!  Let’s see how much cash they can win!  If you’d like to join us for the #BestFriendGame, just email

Best Friend Game: Jen & Kristen

We have such a fun time getting to meet our listeners! The #BestFriendGame is one of our favorite ways to do that! Send us an email to join us!  We’d…

Best Friend Game: Ashley & Leslie

We love getting to meet our listeners face to face – just one of the many reasons we love the #BestFriendGame! Watch and see how well Ashley and Leslie know…

Best Friend Game: Megan & Kaitlin

Megan and Kaitlin are in for the #BestFriendGame! Let’s see how much the know about each other! If you’d like to play and win money send us an email…

SNACK TIME WITH TIM: Mrs. Matthews 2nd Grade

Mrs. Matthews’ 2nd grade class at Stephens Elementary School in Burlington invited me for some snack and we talked about making up when you and a friend have a disagreement….