Best Friend Game: Alyssa and Maxwell

To join us and play the #BestFriendGame, just send and email and let us know you’re interested! How much cash did Alyssa and Maxwell win? Watch and find out!

Best Friend Game: Bette and Jodi

It’s always a good time with the #BestFriendGame!  Watch Bette and Jodi and see how much cash they win! Want to play? Got to love the Fritsch Photobomb!

Best Friend Game: Leah and Erica

Let’s meet Leah and Erica!   They are here to play the #BestFriendGame! We would love to have you in to play and win cash!  Just send us an email…

Best Friend Game: Angie and Savannah

It’s always fun with the #BestFriendGame! Meet Angie and Savannah! If you’d like to come in and play with your BFF – just let us know!

Best Friend Game: Maria & Asha

We LOVE the #BestFriendGame! Watch BFF’s Maria and Asha to see how much cash they win! Send us an email to come in and play!