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Choices, choices, choices: Blair exterior selections


I was really looking forward to picking the exterior of our home because the Blair model we fell in love with has quite a few options: Coastal Classic, Western Craftsman, Cambridge Cottage, American Classic. All the same style and layout inside, but all offering such a different look on the outside!

What drew us to the Fischer Homes Blair Coastal Classic was the fact that it wasn’t your typical home on the outside; the design was really unique. I love how Fischer Homes is not afraid to play with colors, designs, porch layouts, etc. The Coastal Classic allowed us to choose multiple colors for the exterior so you could see some depth and contrast, which Jon and I both LOVED! AND I want a house fit for Halloween, so there is a nice big porch in the front!

As with our master bath selections, Jon and I had our own ideas for exterior design. Jon is a UK fan but somehow picked UC colors for our exterior. 😂

He went with red for the main part of the exterior on the front of the home with neutral accents, red siding on the sides, gray front porch posts, a lighter red brick and a black front door.

I went quite the opposite! I chose more neutral tones for the main part of the exterior on the front of the home with neutral gray and white accents, gray siding, dark brown front porch posts, a darker brick and a plum front door.

I had reasoning for my choices; I’m not sure Jon had any for his…haha! I am a green thumb and want to have some potted and hanging plants on my front porch. I thought the neutral tones and pop of plum on the front door would really tie in with the colors of the plants.

What do you all think? Cast your vote on our Facebook poll!

We are lucky, too, because Fischer Homes handles our front landscaping for us, so that’s one less thing we have to worry about when we move in!

We are getting SO excited to see this all come together! In the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing more on how the progress is coming along on site. Until then, I’ve added some exterior design inspiration to our Q102 Pinterest board!