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Cincinnati Teen Rescues Kids From Burning Home

A Fire In A Wooden Country House
a fire in a suburb. Burning house

Last week, an Ohio teen rescued two children from a house fire. On Thursday morning, WLWT reports that a call came in to 911 about a fire at an apartment in the Winton Hills neighborhood in Cincinnati. First responders arrived within four minutes of the call, and encountered heavy fire on the first floor of the building. There were also reports of children still trapped inside.

An unnamed woman had already alerted the residents by pounding on doors, which allowed some of the family to get out unharmed, but the three children were still stuck inside. That’s when 17-year-old Ki’niah Willis rushed into the burning apartment to save the kids.

Willis recalls the harrowing moment: “I ran upstairs, got to the backroom looking for the babies. I put stuff over them so when I came back in I can grab them and get out of there so the fire department can clear the house.” She says it was near impossible to breathe with the heavy smoke, but she was determined to save the children.

After the incident, three young kids were taken to the hospital, with two of them in critical condition.