Q102 Secret Sound 2020!!!

New decade, new Q102 Secret Sound!! Identify the Secret Sound and you will win the cash!!  Listen at 7:40AM, 9:40AM, 11:40AM, 1:40PM, and 3:40PM to play!

Listen at 5:40pm for a daily recap of the guesses.

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Secret Sound #3 for $10,000.00!

-Back and Forth. Up and Down.
-Gently down the stream
-Susan Constant

Wed 1/22 – 7:40 – Jenn on the hydro-rowing machine at the Central Parkway YMCA.
Wed 1/22 – 9:40 – Oak barrels being washing and a cork being put into the hole with a wooden mallet.
Wed 1/22 – 11:40- Jenn lounging in her chair in the office popping some bubble wrap.
Wed 1/22 – 1:40- Jenn going through the car wash and dropping a cup or the brush to brush the car with.
Wed 1/22 – 3:40 – Tim and Toria at Orange Theory Fitness working out on a water row machine.

Thur 1/23 – 7:40 – Jenn making some popcorn. Scooping kernels into a hot pan.
Thur 1/23 – 9:40 -Bongo Drums
Thur 1/23 – 11:40 -Tim at his reno project,  hammering the plastic walls while his partner is ripping off the sheets of wallpaper and a cup gets knocked on the floor.
Thur 1/23 – 1:40 – A roller coaster
Thur 1/23 – 3:40 – Tim on the ferry and the ferry is bumping against the dock, and Tim drops an empty cup on the deck.

Fri 1/24 – 7:40 – Tim and Toria playing racquetball
Fri 1/24 – 9:40 – Toria using a water rowing machine, Mollie doing sit-ups throwing a medicine ball against the wall, and Natalie dropping a water bottle on the floor at a home gym.

Fri 1/24 – 11:40 – After working out at the gym, taking a shower, somebody drops the bottle of body wash.

Fri 1/22 – 1:40 – Toria using the Waterrow  water rowing machine, while Jon Jon is hitting the punching bag and Natalie is dropping an empty bottle of water on the floor at the YMCA.

Fri 1/23 – 3:40 – Jenn doing aerobics in water while Jeff is banging on bongos and a red solo cup falls on the floor.

Mon 1/27 -7:40 – Toria on a water rower machine, Natalie throwing a medicine ball on wall and Mollie drops her cup at the drinking fountain.

Mon 1/27 -9:40 – Kay on a water rower machine, Tim doing ball slams,  and Fritsch drops her water bottle in a home gym.

Mon 1/27 -11:40 – Toria and Tim at Orange Theory Fitness, Toria is on a rowing machine moving backward and forward while Tim is tossing cups onto the floor.




Mon 1/27 -1:40 – Natalie and Kay at “It’s Working Out” gym.  Natalie is using a water rower, and Kay drops and empty water bottle.

Mon 1/27 -3:40 – Toria, Natalie and Tim at Orange Theory Fitness.  Toria is on a rowing machine moving backward and forward  while Tim is throwing a medicine ball against the wall and Natalie is tossing cups onto the floor.

Tues 1/28 – 7:40 – Toria on water rowing machine at Orange Theory and accidentally knocks over a cup.

Tues 1/28 – 9:40 – Tim and Toria at Orange Theory in Newport. Toria is on the water row machine moving back and forth. Tim is tossing the medicine ball up and down on the floor and knocking a cup or water bottle onto the floor.

Congratulations to Ashley Yelton Winner of  Q102 Secret Sound #2 for $5000!!

“Jeff getting his Prada shoes shined at the Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Airport.”


-1838 is the first documented proof of this happening
-Why isn’t your nose 12 inches long?
-The devil has a pair

Wed 1/15 – 7:40 – Tim cleaning a dry erase board.
Wed 1/15 – 9:40 – Tim at Orange Theory working out.
Wed 1/15 – 11:40 – Wiping off a chalkboard with erasers then beating the erasers together.
Wed 1/15 – 1:40 – Sanding in Jenn’s new house.
Wed 1/15 – 3:40 – He is rubbing is hand against his earbud headphones and smacking them with his hand.

Thur 1/16 – 7:40 – Someone polishing shoes and popping the rag.

Thur 1/16 – 9:40 – Jenn or Fritsch writing something on a piece of paper, making a mistake, erasing it, and then brushing it off the paper work.

Thur 1/16 – 11:40 – Someone writing on a chalkboard and erasing it.

Thur 1/16 – 1:40 – Joey Votto at Cincinnati Redsfest sanding and polishing a baseball bat.

Thur 1/16 3:30 – Someone getting a shoe shine downtown.

Fri 1/17 7:40 – Jeff at the Kings Court Master Barber Shop on Race Street and getting a shoe shine and picking up the brush and setting it down.

Fri 1/17 9:40  – Jeff at the Mt. Lookout shoe repair getting a shoe shine.

Fri 1/17 – 11:40 Jesse Mooney Bullock making a wooden puppet in his studio in Northside




Fri 1/17 1:40 – Jeff downtown getting a shoe shine while a picture is being taken.

Fri 1/17 – 3:40 Tim at a bowling lane polishing a bowling ball




Tues 1/21 – 7:40 Jeff at CVG at the Delta SkyClub at the Shoe Shine Booth getting his Pinocchio penny loafers shined with a rag that makes a whipping sound.

Tues 1/21 – 9:40 Jeff buffing his shoes at the shoe shine station at the CVG meeting point near baggage claim using a shoe horn to put shoes on while bags dropping in the background.

Tues 1/21 – 9:40 Tim at Kenwood Mall at the Nike Kiosk getting his shoes shined and polished.


Congrats to Brittany Long!!! Q102 Secret Sound Winner #1!!

Brittany won $2500 by knowing the sound, “Jon on a Zamboni dumping the ice on the Fountain Square Ice Rink.”


-It all started in 1949
-a 5, a rock, and a turtle.
-Just like Hawaiian Ice, but not.

Wed 1/8 7:40 – Tim using a table saw at one of his renovation project houses.
Wed 1/8 9:40 – Sound of a ride motor near the carousel at Coney Island
Wed 1/8 11:40 -Sounds like the back of a garbage truck closing and opening and pushing trash in.
Wed 1/8 1:40 – A drone taking off.
Wed 1/8 3:40 – A drone flying around the Syndicate taking pictures and video at the Q102 New Year’s Eve Party.

Thur 1/9 7:40 – Fritsch and Penelope at the UDF in Ross making a chocolate malt|
Thur 1/9 9:40 – Tim and Toria at the Heritage Bank Arena on the Zamboni driving on the ice.

Thur 1/9 11:40 – Tim at Kentucky Speedway doing a NASCAR ride along and shifting gears.

Thur 1/9 1:40 – The Motor that ran the Skyline Chili Food truck at the 2019 Pride Festival.

Thur 1/9 3:40 – Tim at the Heritage Bank Arena as the cherry picker machine lifts the new name onto the building

Fri 1/10 7:40 – Tim driving on the Zamboni at the Cyclones game during the Teddy Bear Toss

Fri 1/10 9:40 – Tim and Toria eating a Skyline 5-way at Heritage Bank Arena during a Cyclones game.

Fri 1/10 11:40 – A car wash.

Fri 1/10 1:40 – Tim at Heritage Bank Arena, on the Zamboni ice machine, driving it, and the hydraulics are lifting the back to dump the ice on the rink.




Fri 1/10 3:40 – The Zamboni cleaning the Ice on Fountain Square




Mon 1/13 7:40 – Jon Jon at the Fountain Square Ice Skating Rink watching the Zamboni clean the ice.


Mon 1/13 9:40 – Jon Jon and Toria at the Fountain Square Ice Skating Rink watching the Zamboni clean the ice.




Mon 1/13 1:40 – Jon Jon at the Fountain Square ice skating rink driving the Zamboni to shave and smooth the ice.

Mon 1/13 3:40 – Jon Jon at the Fountain Square ice skating rink driving the Zamboni machine cleaning the ice.

Tues 1/14 7:40 – Jon Jon at the Fountain Square ice skating rink driving the Zamboni machine and shaving the ice.

Tues 1/14 9:40 – Jon Jon driving the Zamboni, shaving and dumping the ice at the UC Health Ice rink at Fountain Square.