Q102 Secret Sound is Back!!

Win Thousands with the Q102 Secret Sound!!!

Listen to Q102 for your cue to call weekdays at 7:40am, 9:40am, 11:40am, 1:40pm, and 3:40pm.  When you hear it, be the 20th caller at 513-749-2320.  Identify the Secret Sound and you will win the cash!!  Listen at 5:40pm for a daily recap of the guesses.

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Secret Sound #2

Tues 7:40 – A fire truck
Tues 9:40 – A Rumpke dumpster getting dumped into the truck and door swinging back down.
Tue 11:40 – A plow on a snow truck scraping the ground.
Tue 1:40 – Someone closing the the back door of a U-Haul and closing the latch.
Tue 3:40 – Somebody placing their bike on the bike rack of a Metro bus downtown at Government Square.

Wed 7:40 – Car being secured by chains to a tow truck.
Wed 9:40 – Shutting and locking a jail cell door at the Hamilton County Justice Center
Wed 11:40 – A UPS driver closing the door on the back of the truck after delivering something.
Wed 1:40 – A slot machine
Wed 3:40 – Somebody closing and locking a tool box from Ace Hardware.

Thur 7:40 – A slot machine
Thur 9:40 -Putting coins in a parking meter in downtown Cincinnati
Thur 11:40 – Someone using a vending machine.
Thur 1:40 – A key being dropped into the retrieval bin after being made at an automated key making machine.
Thur 3:40 – Someone lifting up the drain stopper on a bath tub and letting the water drain out.

Fri 7:40 – A toll booth
Fri 9:40 – Dropping coins in the payment box in a Metro Bus at Government Square
Fri 11:40 – Unlocking a rented bike downtown Cincinnati
Fri 1:40 – Someone opening a coin operated locker.
Fri 3:40 – Driving off the Anderson Ferry boat docking and opening & closing the chain.


-More than one
-Some people use it everyday
-Bring cash

Congrats to Debbie Fisher of Bridgetown!  Winner of Secret Sound #1  “Opening up a gas cap and pumping gas at the Oakley Kroger.”

Secret Sound #2 for $6000.00 starts Tuesday (1/16)  morning at 7:40 am with Jeff and Jenn!

Secret Sound #1 video:

Secret Sound #1

Mon 7:40 – A cup of pop being emptied at a Skyline Chili downtown.
Mon 9:40 – Drinking the last bit of pop through a straw.
Mon 11:40 – Tim playing a game at Dave and Busters.
Mon 1:40 – Somebody opening up a map at the Cincinnati Zoo going to see Fiona.
Mon 3:40 – Someone rolling up a bag of cereal and then closing the lid on the box.

Tues 7:40 – Jeff opening up a Dunkin’ Donuts K-cup and inserting it into a Keurig machine
Tues 9:40 – Tim’s dog “Steve” walking on crackling ice.
Tues 11:40 – Someone going through a turnstyle at U.S. Bank Arena.
Tues 1:40 – Putting a quarter into a meter outside the Christian Moerlein Lager House.
Tue 3:40 – Ice skating down at the ice rink.

Wed 7:40 – Loading or unloading a K-cup into a Keurig machine
Wed 9:40 – Someone loosening up a gas cap to put gas in their car



Wed 11:40 – Salt from a salt truck hitting someone’s car
Wed 1:40 – Using a key to open a mail box
Wed 3:40 – Somone turning a knob on a propane tank

Thur 7:40 – Tim opening up a CD
Thur 9:40 – Taking the gas cap off and putting in 87 grade fuel in a car.
Thur 11:40 – Tim unscrewing the cap at the gas station and putting 87 octane gas in his car.
Thur 1:40 – Someone screwing the cap back on after pumping gas and then closing the hatch.
Thur 3:40 – Someone finishing up gassing up their car with 87 fuel grade gasoline and closing the gas cap and the little door on their car.




Fri 7:40 – Tim opening his gas cap and getting 87 octane gas at the Kroger in Anderson

Fri 9:40 – Tim playing at Belterra Casino
Fri 11:40 – Tim closing his gas cap after getting 87 octane gas at the Kroger in  Anderson

Fri 1:40 Opening up a gas cap and filling up with 87 octane at the Oakley Kroger

-It turns.