Win thousands with the Q102 Secret Sound!

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The Q102 Secret Sound Returns!

Know the Q102 Secret Sound, and you can win thousands in cash!

How to Win:

  1. Listen weekdays for your cue to call at 7:40am, 9:40am, 11:40am, 1:40pm and 3:40pm.
  2. When you hear it, be caller #20 at 513-749-2320.
  3. Identify the Q102 Secret Sound, and you win!

Listen to Roy, Nat & Freddy Mac each weekday at 5:40pm to hear the daily recap of all the guesses. All the guesses and clues will also be posted here at

Exclusive Hints

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Good luck!

Secret Sound #3 –  $3,000


  •  I will do my best to be honest and fair, friendly and helpful, considerate and caring, courageous and strong, and responsible for what I say and do, and to respect myself and others, respect authority, use resources wisely, and make the world a better place.
  • Everyone has their favorite, what’s yours?
  • I am Gutsy, I am bold.


Tues 7:40 – Fritsch spilling popcorn at a Cyclones game on Star Wars night.
Tues 9:40 – Natalie Jones walking the snowy streets of OTR in the morning in her bright blue coat
Tues 11:40 – Someone that works in the office and is scraping ice off their car.
Tues 1:40 – Walking through the snow to work this morning.
Tues 3:40 – Someone’s phone in their pocket while walking

Wed 7:40 – Jeff crumbling papers walking to the court house to report for jury duty


Wed 9:40 – Fritsch and Penelope walking around the neighborhood selling girl scout cookies.


Wed 11:40 – Fritsch and Penelope leaving a Girl Scout meeting, Fritsch is opening and trying the new Raspberry Rally cookie.


Wed 1:40 – Fritsch with Penelope, they have picked up her girl scout cookies and have arrived home.  They decided to break into their stash of cookies, and while doing so Penelope is gulping down a big glasses of milk.


Wed 3:40 – Girl scouts selling cookies door to door


Thur 7:40 – Fritsch and Penelope going on a snow trail walk to get a badge for Girl Scout cookies


Thur 9 :40 – Fritsch and Penelope walking around in the snow, opening up a pack of Samoa Girl Scout cookies and you here them tearing open the package.


Thur 11 :40 – Fritsch and Penelope going through a car wash opening Thin Mint cookies.


Thur  1 :40 – Fritsch and Penelope walking through the Girl Scout warehouse in Blue Ash and Fritsch is opening a box of Samoas Girl Scout cookies and crumbling the package.


Thur 3:40 – Fritsch chewing thin mint girl scout cookies into a microphone


Fri 7:40 – Natalie walking through OTR in the morning in the street in the snow opening up a pack of Lemon-Ups Girl Scout cookies.


Fri 7:40 – Freddy Mac in his car with the windshield wipers on, getting snow off his windshield and opening a pack  of  Lemon-Ups Girl Scout cookies and eating one.


Fri 7:40 – Freddy Mac and Natalie in the car driving from Over the Rhine  with the windshield wipers on, getting snow off the windshield and opening a pack  of  Lemon-Ups Girl Scout cookies.





Secret Sound #2

Congrats to Britney from Delhi – she corrected guessed Secret Sound #2 for $2500!!!  “Fritz and Bibi walking through the puddles at the Cincinnati Zoo”

Sound #3 for $3,000 kicks off  Tuesday ( 1/31) at 7:40 am with Jeff and Jenn!



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Secret Sound #2 Guesses! -$2,500

Wed 7:40 -Someone shoveling snow
Wed 9:40 – Fiona splashing around at Hippo Cove for her 6th birthday.
Wed 11:40 – Fiona and Fritz on Fiona’s birthday at the Cincinnati Zoo in the hippo habitat and they are eating her birthday cake made of all her favorite food.
Wed 1:40 – The Sound of a driveaway being shoveled
Wed 3:40 – Fritch and Penelope at Western Bowl waiting for their bowling ball to pop out of the ball return machine.

Thur 7:40 – Fritsch at the zoo cleaning out Fiona’s cage.

Thur 9:40 – Mollie at the zoo for Fiona’s birthday and watching Fritz swim around in the water.


Thur 11:40 – Niagara Falls


Thur 3:40 – Fritch at the Cincinnati Zoo at the Hippo Enclosure on Fiona’s Birthday watching baby Fitz eating Fiona’s cake, singing happy birthday to Fiona.

Fri 7:40 – Freddy Mac and his son Cam at the Cincinnati Zoo at Hippo Cove and Fritz is chasing Fiona around.


Fri 9:40 – Freddy Mac and his son Cam watching Fritz and Fiona play at Hippo Cove at the Cincinnati Zoo.


Fri 11:40 – Fritz’s first snow day with Fiona playing in the snow and wishing everyone a Happy Holidays.


Fri 1:40 – Fiona and Fritz playing in Hippo Cove in a waterfall with a ball while eating watermelon.


Fri 3:40 – Fiona getting into the water with Tucker at Hippos Cove, at the zoo, On Fiona’s sixth birthday, after she’s finished eating her birthday cake.


Mon 7:40 – Bibi and Fritz at the Zoo in the Hippo Cove and they are stomping through the puddles.

Secret Sound #1

Congratulations to Cindy from Mt. Washington who knew Q102’s Secret Sound #1 for $1,000: Tim cranking the siren at the Cincinnati Cyclones’ Teddy Bear Toss game.



Secret Sound #1 Guesses!

Mon 7:40 – The siren at Bengal Jim’s Tailgate
Mon 9:40 – The siren the they play at the Cyclones Game before the third period
Mon 11:40 – The Cyclones Celebrity Siren Sounder
Mon 1:40 – The Bengals lineman at the Cincinnati Cyclones game Vs the Iowa Heartlanders.  Khalid Kareem sounds the fan siren before the 3rd period.
Mon 3:40  – Fritsch at the Super Bowl last year, at Bengal Jim’s tailgate party, listening to the siren.