Q102 Six-Song Stitch to Lil Nas X

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Congratulations to Chloe Bell of Dayton!

She knew the Q102 Six Song Stitch to Lil Nas X in Phoenix!

We have another Six Song Stitch kicking off  Monday morning at 7:40 am with Jeff and Jenn.  Be sure to be listening to find out who.


Official Answer of the Lil Nas X Six Song Stitch:

1) The Jonas Brothers – sucker
(Jonas brothers were nominated for a Grammy award for best pop duo/group performance in 2020…Little Naz x and Billy Raye Cyrus won the Grammy in the same category that year)

2) Billy Ray Cyrus and Little Nas – Old Town Road

3) Snoop dog – Drop it like its hot
(Snoop Dog collaborates with Billy Ray Cyrus on Hard Working Man)

4) Bruno Mars -Cardie B – Finesse
(cardie B collaborated with Little NasX on a song called rodeo)

5) Jack harlow – whats poppin’
(Jack was featured in Little NasX Industry Baby)

6) Dua Lipa – Levitating
(Dua lipa is the name of a jack harlow song)