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Dumpster-smoking Natalie has got to go!


So, about 6 weeks ago I had a conversation with my brother that really changed me. It made me want to be a better person, listen to my intuition, live my best life. We were talking about his future. He is 21 and about to embark on the real world, and I want to set a positive example for him. And I tell you what, I have been smoking since I was 15 and nothing about that says living my best life or positive example. And about three days later, I woke up and decided now is the time to stop smoking. I have been wanting to for years after all. In fact, I have been smoking for nearly 18 years.. and maintaining a healthy-ish lifestyle😉 I feel like I have been living two lives for forever. Day time green smoothie-yoga-gratitude-smiley-bright-ass-light-as-much-as-possible Natalie and then Natalie the dumpster smoker. That is, one that smokes cigarettes next to dumpsters so no one will see her, or on my fire escape, typically with a glass of wine in hand. There are people in my nightlife that only know the dumpster smoker, and people in day life that have no idea I have been smoking this whole time. But now, I have decided that dumpster-Natalie has got to go. Or just the smoking part… Lord knows the hot trash side of me can’t leave forever, and I just gotta make room for whatever is next. But here’s the thing, quitting something that has been a part of you for so long, (albeit, dumpster smoking) is freakin’ hard, no matter who you are. For me, quitting smoking and doing so while trying to maintain the smoothie-yoga-bliss-morning-person at the same has been a disaster. And to top it all off, I was told days after quitting smoking that I wasn’t allowed to do hot yoga anymore – SHUT UP LIFE! I was doing so much yoga it began to hurt my back and really, strain my entire body. I mean, I used to do hot yoga and smoke cigarettes every day. So immediate panic has set in and here we are… jonesin’…for the next thing—so let’s go find it.

So now, I’m excited to explore the joys of the highs and lows that come with quitting smoking with ya’ll, and hopefully, we can get through this together. After all, we only have one life so why not make it the best it can possibly be—on your own damn terms—and get rid of all that unnecessary CRAP that comes along with some of the decisions we make regularly. Ladies and gentlemen—this is the NatJonesin’ blog, and we begin this journey with Smoking—so get the f*ck out cigarettes, it’s time to make room for all the freshness coming our way ✌🍉!

So dumpster Natalie has got to go, but let me tell you, that bitch is still kicking and screaming and a big part of who I am, so let’s see what happens. 😎