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EP #108 The Heavy Hours Band

Heavy Hours EDITS

These Cincy born and bred musicians, The Heavy Hours are taking us all by storm with their latest EP Wildfire which they co-wrote with Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys -NBD. But working with big name talent like Dan isn’t anything new for these guys. Since day one they have been catching the attention of music industry big wigs like their record label BMG and artists who have some grit in the game-showing them how to play big songs and make big music. I enjoyed the shit out of this interview/conversation and love their music just the same. As they head out on tour with St. Paul and the Broken Bells and a fresh track of songs to sink their teeth into I’d say we caught them at a pretty great time to be a Heavy Hour. Please enjoy John, AJ, and Mike (not interviewed was Flint) we’ll see ya next time man. Listen here to the Wildfire EP