Person of Interest with Natalie Jones

EP# 95- Emily Henkel – You did it. *Live recording from Fretboard Brewing Company on June 7th 2021*

The night before Easter Sunday 2021 Cincy native Emily Henkel and her boyfriend Alex Lofgren an Army Veteran and plant lover, went hiking in Death Valley National Park in California for one night. The following Friday Emily was airlifted to safety after being trapped on a desolate mountain cliffside after a 70′ fall with a broken ankle and alone. This is the story of her triumphant quest for survival among our country’s harshest conditions. Emily told me she wants people to hear her story and remember that you can do hard things, all humans can, really hard things even “…when you don’t think you can take another breath, walk another step, or wake up one more day.” – Emily Henkel 

We recorded this live at Fretboard Brewing Company on Monday June 7th 2021.