Person of Interest with Natalie Jones

EP #115 Telluride Blues and Brews Fest Vol I: Mitch Woods

So this whole experience is really special to my heart. We have 3 episodes coming up that I got to record while at the Telluride Blues and Brews Festival last month. And ya’ll know I used to live in Telluride Colorado and consider it where my soul is at home. So I was over joyed when I go to bring my new life with Q102 and blend with my former life in Colorado. The team at the Blues and Brews Festival hooked it up big time and let me record some amazing podcasts with legends way beyond my time I was so honored to share time with. First here it Mitch Woods, he is a rock-a-boogie pianist who brings the freakin fun to wherever he goes. I have no idea how old this man is but I gotta tell you, he has the energy of a 23yr old who just fell in love for the first time. Please enjoy our short little convo and check out his music here