Person of Interest with Natalie Jones

EP #116 Telluride Blues and Brews Fest Vol 2: Sugar Harp

So for everything Telluride Blues and Brews make sure you check out the official website, and if you ever get the chance, go to the festival – Don’t second guess, don’t convince yourself you can’t make it for whatever reason, just make it happed and I’ll see you on the dance floor- at least one of them. For Volume 2 of this series we have another blues legend, Sugar Harp. He plays what he calls the, “down in the gutter, back alley, storytelling blues.” With a harmonica in his hands and a whole lotta feelin behind it. His music tells the stories of this life endured from Hanging with Jimi Hendrix to Woodstock to growing up poor is Alabama to playing today in place like Colorado on a picturesque campground stage that seems as if it’s out of a movie. Me and Sugar Harp had this crazy convo on my phone in the likeness of Jerron Blind Boy Paxton and Fred Thomas- a guy who played in the James Brown band for over 30 years. This was an over whelming moment in life I am grateful I was able to capture a few moments of to share with ya’ll. From Uber Eats to the Music Maker Foundation, enjoy the ride with Sugar Harp.