Person of Interest with Natalie Jones

Person of Interest: Natalie and Ashley DRY IT UP- but how long will it last….lets find out

OK so this year, Ashley Dawn – my ride or die – and I have decided to dedicate every Thursday to weighing in our goals for this year. After the sh*t show of 2020 we decided to clean it up. I myself started smoking again and reached proper lush status- and while Ashley lost 30lbs and made major improvements-she is still not where she wants to be on many levels. SO we decided to make this time and this year – ours, together, and to share it with ya’ll bc why not. Share your story and see what happens. Wish us luck and come on this wild ride we dont know whats going to happen either. ALSO .. I wish I could say we are appropriate for everyone but alas…we are not..we do have adult language and topics so keep that in mind while listening. Also, we are starting this off rough style..all we have right now are goals, and we are working at those and letting the rest fall into place. ENJOY and get in our DM’s with any questions or comments. / @natjooones + / @ashley.on.air —– CHEERS!!!