On the Sidelines with Mollie and Lindsay

Pt. 1 Bengal Player’s Wives/Fiances | Huber, Eifert, Fejedelem

This week On The Sidelines, we chat with some of our favorite Bengal player’s wives/fiances! Mindi Huber, wife of Kevin Huber, Rachel, fiancé of Tyler Eifert, and Gabbi, fiancé of Clay Fejedelem. On this episode we will talk about the season so far. Most of you know, Lindsay and I bleed orange and black. We love our team. We wanna know how the guys are doing. How are they handling all the negativity on social media right now? We all know how nasty internet trolls can be. Rachel will even tell a story about a fan sending Tyler a Venmo request after losing a bet and blaming him. We’ll also talk about game day superstitions and what else is to come this year with our Cincinnati Bengals.