On the Sidelines with Mollie and Lindsay

Pt. 2: Barcelonians on FC Cincy, Burrow, “Majestic” Super Bowl & why Cincy is the greatest country in America…(?)

Okay, this episode is pretty epic. Little background before you listen: During our visit in Spain, I wore my favorite FC Cincy kit signed by Brandon Vazquez to the FC Barcelona match (hoping it would strike up some good convos) AND IT DID. I had several people stop me on the street and chant “CINCINNATI! CINICNNATI!” Were they a little tipsy?….100% yes. But that’s what makes this episode so legendary. And you know what else? The locals are truly amazing. So welcoming, funny and kind. We also ran into a couple from Cleveland! Best. Day. Ever.

I now present to you: Part 2 of Mollie and Ellen’s FC Barcelona Match Day Adventure presented by OrthoCincy Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine.