Jeff & Jenn Podcast

Second Date Update: Did my date really just lick his plate? 8-23-16

The “John Gotti” movie is in town and Kevin Connolly is thanking the city. 2nd Date Update: Did my date really just lick his plate on our breakfast date?, Golf is the main reason men use to have an affair, 605 pound man looses 326 pounds by walking to Walmart, Jeff & Jenn Jury, Robert told his wife of 24 years that he wanted to upgrade HIS wedding ring to a Batman wedding ring. She said absolutely not, so Robert was ok with the idea of not getting it. Later that day, she called him at work and said she reacted without thinking and had looked at the rings and said to go ahead and get one if he wanted. Robert’s question is: Should he get the ring or does he NOT because she is testing him? Parents spend $244 on school supplies, What’s the craziest thing on your school list?

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