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Give Back Tuesday: Vivian’s Victory 6/18



Today on Give Back Tuesday, we learned all about a great nonprofit here in town called Vivian’s Victory!

Vivian’s Victory is an organization, started by Maria Dunlap, dedicated to assisting families who experience a poor prenatal diagnosis or have a child with a prolonged illness.

Their mission is to bring hope, build community and bridge gaps for those going through a difficult time.

So, how do they provide emotional stability for these families?

They spend time with them.

Every week, Maria and other gracious volunteers visit families at local hospitals.

They do crafts, play board games, paint and just enjoy each others company.

If you would like to donate items to their “Craft Closet”, or volunteer, CLICK HERE!

Coming up in a few weeks, on July 27th, by registering and participating in The Great Inflatable Race, you will be giving back to Vivian’s Victory!

Make sure you enter code:


When you do, a portion of your registration fee will go right back to Vivian’s Victory. 😊

Thank you, Maria, for doing something so wonderful for our community.

You are a rockstar.

Maria’s Picks: 

Love Fool – The Cardigans

Summer Girls – LFO

Toxic – Britney Spears

Mmmbop – Hanson

No Scrubs – TLC

The Sign – Ace of Bass