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Give Back Tuesday: Healthy Heroes Program 2/20


Give Back Tuesday

{Pick 6}

Today I was joined by Doug Michel! He taught me all about the Healthy Heroes Program and their effort to raise $80,000 to purchase decontamination units for Ohio and Northern Kentucky fire stations. Decontamination units help firefighters expel toxic chemicals faster. Fire stations in the U.S. and Canada have started to incorporate sauna detoxification in their post-fire routines. Many are using “cycle saunas” that incorporate exercise and heat to promote faster, more efficient sweating to get the toxins out of the body as quickly as possible.

Image result for cycle saunaPhoto credit: The International Fire Department Instructors Conference –

These detoxification systems are effective, but are often too expensive for fire stations to fit into their budgets. That’s where the Healthy Heroes fundraising program comes in!


Doug also filled us in on some fun events they have coming up! This weekend they will be at Jim & Jacks on the River – Proceeds will be going towards the Healthy Heroes Program!

Thank you SO MUCH, Doug, for hosting Give Back Tuesday with me and teaching us all about the Healthy Heroes Program and the importance of keeping our local firefighters safe and healthy!

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