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Here we go! We’ve broken ground!


We have a hole! LOL…quite literally! We’ve broken ground, the foundation has been laid, and building the Blair with Fischer Homes is starting to feel so real!

It’s so crazy to see the actual shape the house will be, where it exactly sits on the property and how spacious our backyard will be!

We told ourselves we’d wear our boots out on the property, knowing it would be muddy. Guess who forgot? We BOTH did! The construction crew working on our home are such nice people; one lent me his shoes to wear! And, honestly, none of them thought we were weird carrying a cooler, a TV and a chair down into the “man cave” for a picture/video. HAHA! Literally none of them asked questions (now that’s a good construction crew!).

Also, I should add that Jon and I unwind by watching episodes of Friends when we get home from work, and he paused the show one night to say: “I want to take a photo of me in my unfinished man cave.” Clearly, it’s always on his mind! 😂

The process has been so smooth. Our superintendent emails us every Friday to let us know the progress and emails back so quickly if we have questions. He always includes what will be upcoming for the following week, too, so we feel like Fischer Homes keeps us informed at every stage. It’s just been really exciting to see things come together so quickly after our Design Center visit. With the foundation already poured, we’ll be moving in before we know it! The framing starts next…but you know I’ve got décor on my mind. Check out my Q102 Pinterest board for all my inspiration!