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Hotel Housekeepers Share What They Wouldn’t Do At Hotels

Young hotel maid on work
Young hotel maid in uniform pushing chambermaid trolley down the hotel corridor

Hotel housekeepers know all the ins and outs of staying in a hotel. So who better to get hotel staying tips from? We talked about on the show the article we found on the “Huffington Post” who spoke to hotel housekeepers to find out what they wouldn’t do at a hotel and these tips may change the way you travel from now on.

  • “One of the main reasons why I wouldn’t request extra towels if I don’t need them is because it’s a waste. It’s just going to make the ladies or the men who come clean the rooms’ hard jobs harder. Other people could use them. Sometimes people just request them because they see it. We need to stick together and use what we need. If we don’t need it, don’t ask for it.”
  • “I try to store my personal belongings out of sight ― whether that’s in drawers, closets, or suitcases to make it easier for housekeeping staff to clean the room without having to move my items. This actually helps them do their job easier, and it also cuts down on the chances of them accidentally damaging or losing my items.”
  • “After being a housekeeper, I would never leave the ‘do not disturb’ sign up for my whole stay. Maybe the guests think that when we don’t clean the room, it’s easier for us, but when a room has two or three days without cleaning, it’s very dirty.”
  • “Some of the hotels will pay attention to, like, Tripadvisor or Expedia, so if [guests] know the names of their housekeepers, it’s always good that they mention them on their reviews if they will leave a review because usually housekeepers don’t get mentioned. You see the review saying, ‘Oh, the front desk agent, or this person or this manager helped me out with this,’ but they never mentioned the housekeepers.”

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