Jakobs Journal

In the playroom…


Have I ever posted playroom video? Well…here’s some from last week. This is Susan, our Son Rise Outreach Facilitator playing with Jakob.

This video features two of Jakob’s favorites things right now…negotiating what time we’re gonna do things (going upstairs in this exchange) and “4 big fingers on my nose/up close/wave”…you’ll see what I’m talking about…so silly and so flippin cute…

What I love so much about this is his interaction with Susan…he’s affectionate, he’s connecting, he’s asking for what he wants, he’s being silly and laughing and he’s using his words. He’s a happy, calm, cool kid.

And I also love near the end when he goes back to isming and Susan joins him. There’s no greater way to show acceptance of a child with Autism than to join him in his world. And as always, Susan does a brilliant job of this…love that woman :).