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Is this normal?


I have to say (and sometimes I feel guilty saying it), but my pregnancy has been pretty easy. Most days it doesn’t feel like I’m pregnant unless I feel baby move, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been calling or messaging my nurses and doctors with questions.

Starting from the very beginning, around six weeks pregnant, I had bleeding. Let me tell you, I didn’t realize just how much I already loved our baby (especially that early on) until that happened. I was hit with this reality that what my husband and I had wanted, but barely knew was even there, could be gone. And I was sent into a whirlwind of panic. I was at work when it happened. It was 6 a.m., and I just frantically called Jon in tears, not knowing what to do.

Let me tell you, the nurses at The Christ Hopsital were there for me when I needed them. I called them immediately and messaged them on MyChart (yes, I hit them with double communication because I was so scared). I instantly received a phone call back! The nurse talked through everything with me, asking me questions about the bleeding, how much, how long, etc. She just let me talk and calm down and she also reassured me. This is baby No. 1 for me, so in my brain, bleeding is always bad. It turns out some bleeding is totally normal, and in my case, that’s exactly what it was. Normal. But, gosh…even normal turned my world upside down.

In that moment, our eyes were opened to what others go through or have gone through, and we continue to think of our friends and loved ones who are struggling with or have struggled with miscarriage or infertility.

The team at The Christ Hospital has ALWAYS been there, through the scares and through the silly day-to-day questions like, “Can I use this skin care?” and, “Can I still take baths?” I always get a quick response, and they make me feel like no question is a silly question. Because, really, in a first pregnancy, any question is on the table because you’ve never experienced these things before!


Now that I am further along, about 7.5 months, I am starting to feel more back pain and pelvic pain and—gosh—that pelvic pain can get intense sometimes! No one warns you about the pelvic pain!! Hello?! My body is preparing for baby to come, so OF COURSE my pelvic bones need to expand, but I didn’t even think about that before!! My heating pad has become my best friend, lol. But, don’t worry, I asked my nurses and doctors if that was normal, and they reassured me it was. 😉

It goes without saying that if you’re experiencing anything unusual, you should check with your doctor. I know I’ll probably have a million more questions before the Big Day, but I know my nurses and doctors will patiently answer each and every one of them!

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