Jakobs Journal

January 3, 2011…Noooo, One Butt…


Don’t know where he gets his sense of humor…

Nothing is funnier to him than fibbing. He will point to a blue book, say “orange” then look at me and grin. He just waits for me to dramatically say “nooo, that’s not orange”. Then he laughs and says, “that’s blue”.

He’s doing this with everything. What time he’s gonna take a bath, the color of his eyes, who I am. He’ll point at me and say, “Grandma” and just laugh. And he loves it when I do it to him. I can point at him and say “Angie” and he just grins ear-to-ear and says “nooo, I’m not Angie, I’m Jakob!”

I got him good yesterday. I was listing body parts “2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 ankles, 2 knees, 2 elbows and 2 butts”. He liked that one. “Nooooo 2 butts, one butt!”

Not everybody gets it and I’ve learned that I have to let everyone in on the joke early. Yesterday when his dad came to pick him up, he pointed at him and said, “Daddy is a girl”. That one didn’t go over too well. But I laughed. Quietly. To myself.

Love that kid.