Kim Karson

She says she has no hidden talents, but Kim Karson did manage to (somewhat) keep it together on air while her co-host had his head stuck in the wall. Her favorite on-air moment goes like this: “It was my first professional radio gig, and I was attempting to read the news, but the afternoon DJ was trying to make me laugh on air by sticking his head through a hole in the wall. Well, he got his head got stuck and several people were trying to help him get out, all while I was trying to read the news on the air. I laughed, but I made it through the news!”

Now a seasoned pro, Kim has been with Q102 since February of 2006. She’s the proud mother of a beautiful daughter and has two pets – a dog named Isabella and a cat named Raincloud. Two of her favorite things about Cincinnati are the Cincinnati Museum Center and Gold Star chili.