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Let’s Get Lost


my dad told me at lunch today he starts his mornings by dancing to 70’s and 80’s music in his family room every morning. we danced a lot as kids and a family when we were all together and apparently – a part too. I’d say if we had to pick a theme song it would be “Love Shack”, every time that song came on MTV or VH1 we would all stop and dance together. that was when we were really young. then as we got older and had our own stereos we had a rule in the house that whenever anyone came into your room and flash-mobbed-instant-dance-partied- you HAD to get up and dance right then and there, no matter what. no one ever didn’t. even all my brothers. remember the song SandStorm?  I don’t get why so many people hate that song. Wedding Reception music is the theme-song of my life, equipt with people in nice outfits completely ruined by sweat and horse voices from screaming all the words to every song. but together celebrating. Those are the moments in life that are my favorite, the ones you get lost in. and i cant be the only one who hasn’t had a moment like that in a hell of a long time. I feel you. and we need more of them.

Getting lost in life – whatever that is for you, cooking, woodwork, dancing, pottery, staring at the ceiling, driving… we all have that state of flow – and id be damned if it isn’t the best thing in the world. whatever it is you get lost in, I hope you can spend more time doing that thing this week. and in turn, the things you don’t want to be doing wont be as bad, and you may not have to spend as much time doing them. as cliche as it sounds, its so so so true. and more many of us, sososo hard to achieve. but yet, THEE thing we all need. I was so lucky to spend this past Saturday morning co-MC-ing the Polar Plunge for Special Olympics Kentucky with Freddy Mac and it was the first time in a long time I got so lost in something, I could have gone all day. Screaming and heckling all of the “plungers” (people who jumped in) engaging with strangers, and doing it all for a cause. I forgot how much I miss being in front of people, with people, doing my favorite thing in the whole entire world, talking on the mic and making people laugh. Man am i grateful. like the movie “Soul” says, we all have a spark, that is mine. bliss.

Your spark is waiting for you, and it is always there. don’t forget to go give it a spark when you need it.

-see ya when i see ya 😉