Q102 Jeff & Jenn Good Vibes Tour

Lisa at Brewhaus Dog Bones Bakery


Debbie emailed us about Lisa.  Lisa started Brewhaus Dog Bones Bakery with her daughter Natalie.  It’s a multi-tiered charity, that uses the grain from local breweries that they are finished with, vocational training for young adults with disabilities, and making natural dog treats.  It was a really neat experience hearing about how it all started and meeting everyone!  You can find the Brewhaus Dog Bones at any of the breweries around town, Graeters and at PartySource. Listen to my conversation with Lisa here.

Here is a link to Queen City Shrubs.  They us a colonial era style to preserve fruit for mixers for cocktails.  They had some awesome flavors including RHUBARB! (My Fave)  We met Justin in the giant freezer at the Findlay Kitchen.