Jakobs Journal

March 14, 2010…I’m back….


I’m in Sheffield, Mass. at the Option Institute, home of the Autism Treatment Center of America and the Son-Rise Program. This is my 5th week here and just making the drive from Harford felt like I was coming home. I’ll be taking the Power Dialogues Program this week…good stuff. It’s all about uncovering limiting beliefs that can keep me from helping Jakob as much as possible. That’s the simple explanation…for more info, got to www.option.org.

I can already tell it’s gonna be a big week, I can feel it. Tears will be shed and I’m gonna let go of a lot of crap that’s been slowing me down. I’m excited. And there are a bunch of Son-Rise parents here, I love connecting with others who are doing the same thing as I am. And, we’ll have a very special Q&A session with Samahria, the mom who created the Son-Rise Program. I’ve spent some time with her in the past. She’s really amazing and inspiring.

Speaking of inspiring…here’s a little of Jakob in the playroom last week with our Son-Rise Outreach Facilitator, Susan. She’s pretty good!! And he’s adorable…of course. The window is a 2-way mirror so he’s checking himself out…a lot :>>.

And yes, he desperately needs a haircut and no, I didn’t dress him that day.