Jakobs Journal

March 15…details and goodnight


Every day is a new adventure. Every day he does something new and exciting. It’s such a great ride we’re on right now. It’s time for me to really sit back, watch and know that we’re doing something right. Yup…no matter what anyone else says or thinks, were doing something right.

I definitely have a much different take on all of this than most. And that’s ok. It’s just different. I have to remind myself…on a regular basis, that I believe what I believe and I know what I know. And I know Jakob. And I know that what we’re doing is working.

In the past few weeks, I’ve seen his color improve…pink in his cheeks…so nice! He was looking pretty pale there for a while and the dark circles under his eyes were getting darker. I’ve started him on some enzymes and a few supplements and they seem to be making a difference. He has more energy and he’s running all over the place. Supposedly, that’s a temporary thing…a side-effect. We hope it’s temporary simply because he’s tough to keep up with. I have noticed that whenever he goes through a little spurt of hyperactivity or exclusiveness, he comes back strong. When he comes back, he’s more connected, his speech is clearer and overall he’s just more with us. So knowing that, I rather enjoy the wild times. I can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

So I went to a biomedical conference in Detroit last month. It was two days of intense, medical material…13+ hours each day. I was over-stimulated. A friend (another Mom) went with me and at one point, we just looked at each other and winced. Then we decided to relax, take it all in and relax some more. Then we’d take a day or two to see what would stick. And for me, what stuck was…diet, detox, HBOT, enzymes and chiropractic. We’re already on the diet and we were detoxing a little. We were also starting to do some enzymes. So we’ve upped the detoxing and the enzymes. We got back on some detoxing supplements and he’s been seeing a chiropractor for 3 weeks. He’s happily laying on the table so it must be doing somehthing. I’m already seeing a difference and I’m so excited to do more. We go back to our DAN doctor the end of April…and we’re gonna take a good, hard look at Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment.

I really feel good about all these decisions. I know it’s the right next step for us. We have found the therapeutic answer…Son-Rise and now it’s time to get the little buddy feeling better. I think we did it the right way too…therapeutic first. There’s no way we could’ve gotten him to take the supplements and climb on the chiropractor’s table without us building the relationship first. We’ll definitely need him to trust us to climb into the hyperbaric oxygen chamber. I’m looking forward to that one. I’m looking forward to all of it, it’s really exciting.

Jakob’s going to bed routine is the perfect ending to a long day (any day that starts at 4am is long). When he’s ready, he marches upstairs, strips and stands in the shower until I turn on the water. When he’s good and ready, he turns the water off. We get him in his jammies and he climbs into bed (at his pace, of course). Then he gets bossy…”brush our teeth”, followed by “little light off”, “big light off” and “bathroom light off”. Every night. the words are clearer…too cool. Next comes “close door”, “one window shut” and “two windows shut”. At this point, the room is very dark and he says, “sleeping…mom, down”. So, I lay down by him and we usually sing a little before he falls to sleep. It’s all so cute and so sweet and I love every minute of it. It’s just so amazing when I think where we were not all that long ago.